Islands in Indonesia that are Suitable for Honeymoon
Islands in Indonesia that are Suitable for Honeymoon

Islands in Indonesia that are Suitable for Honeymoon

Islands in Indonesia that are Suitable for Honeymoon

Islands in Indonesia which are suitable for honeymoon. Choosing a honeymoon location can be a challenge in itself. Luckily, we have a wide selection of beautiful destinations along the coast. If you are looking for a destination that is relatively close, affordable, and equally beautiful, Indonesia is the right choice. This island nation holds so many beautiful locations. Whether it’s a honeymoon with a beach atmosphere or a remote place rarely visited by tourists, read through to find out the best honeymoon locations in Indonesia

Belitung Island

Islands in Indonesia which are suitable for honeymoon. Belitung Island is part of the province of Bangka Belitung which is located near South Sumatra. Its name began to skyrocket when it was used as a shooting location for a film adaptation of the Indonesian novel with the same title, namely Laskar Pelangi. You don’t need to be a big fan of this film to enjoy the beauty of Belitung. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach and snorkel in the waters of Belitung and its surroundings, for example on Lengkuas Island.
Getting to Belitung is not difficult now because there are direct flights from Jakarta. The flight is short, only 2 hours away from the stress of the capital. Usually, tourists who visit take advantage of the time by island hopping from one island to another.

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Islands in Indonesia which are suitable for honeymoon. Talking about a honeymoon in Indonesia, it’s certainly not complete without mentioning Bali. The Island of the Gods has indeed become one of the most popular destinations, both for local and foreign tourists. Even though you’ve been to Bali, honeymooning there is still the right choice. This island provides various things that you might not have tried on your previous visit. Apart from the popular Kuta area, try to explore the Ubud, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, or Sanur areas. Bali also has a myriad of beautiful scenery waiting to be photographed and uploaded to Instagram.

Raja Ampat

This location is a place that is rarely visited by tourists and is currently on the rise, Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is also known as a diver’s paradise! So, if you and your partner like to dive or snorkel, you can explore the many diving spots that are here. Apart from the beautiful underwater life, the Raja Ampat land views are equally beautiful. A view that you can’t necessarily see on the island of Java or Sumatra. Another place that is no less interesting than Raja Ampat and is currently on the rise is the Piaynemo Islands, which can be reached within a 2-hour drive from Waisai. The tourists who come to Piaynemo will definitely take the time to take pictures with the background of the cluster of islands and the blue sea that is here.


Next up is Lombok, Bali’s neighboring island that is no less worth visiting! Lombok is arguably a cheaper and quieter island than Bali. So, you can enjoy a quiet and romantic honeymoon here.
Not only can you enjoy the view, but climbing Mount Rinjani is also an exciting activity that you can do with your partner (it takes about 2-4 days to reach the peak). If you don’t like hiking, you can go island hopping to nearby islands such as the Gili cluster to enjoy the beach or dive and snorkel to enjoy the underwater scenery.

Labuan Bajo (Flores Islands)

Next is Labuan Bajo, the gateway to the Komodo National Park, aka the home of the historical Komodo dragons. Labuan Bajo is a city on the west coast of Flores Island, located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. The tourists usually come to Labuan Bajo to visit the Komodo National Park. or stop by to see the life of the Manggarai tribe who live there