Why We Use Tour Guides When Sightseeing
Why We Use Tour Guides When Sightseeing

Why We Use Tour Guides When Sightseeing

Why We Use Tour Guides When Sightseeing

Why We Use Tour Guides When Sightseeing. When traveling, there are times when we need tour guide services. For example, when exploring Fort Marlborough in Bengkulu. There are 5 reasons why use a tour guide there.

Most local and foreign tourists are lazy to use guide services at tourist attractions for reasons of savings. Many tourist attractions in Indonesia provide guide services at low rates.

Even though the savings that are often used as an excuse to ignore guide services are just the opposite. Guides are very instrumental in helping tourists maximize their tours in terms of time, energy, costs, and more.

Save Time

For a traveler who is generally an employee, taking a vacation is very necessary to escape for a moment from the boring office routine. Usually, the trip that can be done is only a short trip according to the leave allowance. For workers, vacation time is very valuable.

Traveling to a place using a guide service will help travelers save time by taking them to the right and valuable location. Compare if you go alone and don’t know which direction to go, there you only spend time at one point and without feeling time wasted.

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Save Energy

Why We Use Tour Guides When Sightseeing. At tourist attractions, travelers usually want to explore the intended object, as much as possible without taking into account the energy expended. As a result, many travelers are exhausted in only one location because they are exhausted. As a result, the tour is not optimal. With the help of a guide, you can save energy without reducing tourist destinations.

Guides know shortcuts from one point to another in a tourist location so you can keep exploring without running out of energy. Save your energy for the next destination

Complete Information

In general, the guide has memorized the information by heart regarding the tourist attraction information where he works.

It is not uncommon for you to get unique stories that are not circulating on the internet from a narrative guide. Moreover, if the guide is a witness to historical actors, it is guaranteed that the story will flow continuously because the memory is reminiscing about events that have made an impression on the memory.


The tips given for guide services are invaluable with the information provided. Imagine if you came back from a tourist spot and realized afterward that there was an important location that was not visited while you were there. Your regret can only be paid by returning to the place which means spending more travel expenses.

With guide services, you will be escorted to important locations that should not be missed. In some places, with the help of a guide, you can have more access to enter it.

Best Photo Spot

Traveling to a place is incomplete if you don’t capture it in the form of an image through a camera. Whether it’s a cellphone camera, gadget, pocket camera, or an expensive long lens camera. A guide usually already knows the best spots of the tourist objects where he works.

The guide is happy to show you the best spots to the position where you have to stand to take pictures. They will also be more than happy to ask for help with taking your picture. So for a solo traveler, you don’t need to be confused about capturing the picture.